Direct / Separate Accounts

Institutional Accounts

Institutional funds are designed to meet both current and future obligations, and we manage them as such. Our investment goals are to achieve stability, preservation of capital, and total return. We work with a variety of institutions, managing both equities and fixed income on their behalf.

Individual Accounts

As we do for all our clients, we search for stable, consistent, and global companies in which to invest. It is important to stress that Fayez Sarofim & Co. has a long-term investment horizon. We do not try to time movements in the stock market, but instead invest in high-quality companies with consistent and sustainable earnings growth. We purchase equities that we intend to hold in the portfolio for several years. This philosophy results in lower than average portfolio turnover, which is particularly beneficial for taxable accounts because transaction costs, including taxes, are minimized as much as possible.

Specific Account Information

For both Institutional and Individual Accounts, a team of 2-3 principals is assigned to each client account to ensure accessibility. We are always available for consultation and tend to meet with clients as needed. Our minimum investment for direct accounts is $5 million.

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